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Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers,120 Colors Plus 1 Blender Permanent Marker 1 Marker Pad With Case Perfect For Kids Adult Coloring Books Sketching Card Making

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Colour : Black
Material : ‎Plastic
Ink Colour ‎: Black
Target Audience : Adult
Special Feature : Non Toxic
Surface Recommendation : Glass, Wood
Country of Origin : ‎India


Colors Dual Tip Alcohol-Based Art Markers set is a comprehensive and versatile gift for artists, coloring enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about creative expression. Here’s a detailed description of this extensive art marker set:

  1. Dual Tip Design: Each marker in the set features dual tips – a broad chisel tip for covering larger areas and creating broad strokes, and a fine tip for detailed work, outlining, and precision coloring. This dual-tip design provides flexibility for various artistic styles and techniques.
  2. Alcohol-Based Ink: The markers are formulated with alcohol-based ink, which offers vibrant colors, quick drying times, and the ability to blend smoothly. Alcohol markers are favored by artists for their ability to create gradient effects, layering, and seamless color transitions.
  3. Extensive Color Range: The set includes a remarkable collection of 120 colors, providing a wide spectrum for artists to explore and experiment with. The diverse color range allows for creativity in shading, blending, and achieving a multitude of hues in artwork.
  4. Blender Marker: A special addition to the set is the blender marker, which is designed to assist in blending colors seamlessly. The blender marker is particularly useful for creating smooth transitions between different shades and adding depth to artwork.
  5. Marker Pad Included: The set includes a marker pad, providing artists with a dedicated surface for testing colors, practicing techniques, or creating finished pieces of art. The pad is typically designed to complement alcohol markers, preventing bleed-through and feathering.
  6. Durable Storage Case: The markers are often organized in a durable and portable storage case. This case not only keeps the markers organized but also makes it convenient to carry the entire set for on-the-go creativity or art sessions.
  7. Perfect for Coloring Books: The Colors Dual Tip Art Markers are well-suited for coloring books, offering both precision and versatility. The dual tips allow artists to switch between fine details and broader strokes, making the coloring process more enjoyable and dynamic.
  8. Versatile Applications: The markers are suitable for a variety of artistic applications, including sketching, drawing, coloring, illustration, card making, and more. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for artists of all levels.
  9. Safe and Non-Toxic: Artists, including both kids and adults, can use these markers with peace of mind as they are generally formulated to be safe and non-toxic.
  10. Gift-Ready Packaging: Depending on the brand or retailer, the set may come in a gift-ready package, making it an excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion for creative individuals.

In summary, the Colors Dual Tip Alcohol-Based Art Markers set is a comprehensive and vibrant gift that caters to the diverse needs of artists. With a wide range of colors, dual tips, a blender marker, and a dedicated pad, it provides everything an artist needs to bring their creations to life in a portable and organized format.

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