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Magic Highlighters, Erasable Highlighters, Color Highlight Pens Dual Tip Chisel Tip Assorted Highlighter Pen Marker


Colour : ‎Multicolour
Material : Plastic
Number Of Items : ‎1
Size : ‎1 Count (Pack Of 1)
Point Type ‎: Broad
Ink Colour ‎: Multicolor


Magic Highlighters, also known as erasable highlighters, are a versatile and innovative type of highlighter pen designed for various highlighting and writing needs. Here’s a description of these dual-tip chisel tip highlighters with erasable features:

  1. Dual-Tip Design: Magic Highlighters feature a dual-tip design, with both ends equipped for different purposes. Typically, one end has a chisel tip for broad highlighting, while the other end may have a fine tip for more precise highlighting or writing.
  2. Erasable Ink: One of the key features of these highlighters is their erasable ink. This allows users to make corrections or change their highlighting without leaving permanent marks. The erasable feature is especially beneficial for students, professionals, or anyone who needs flexibility in their note-taking.
  3. Chisel Tip: The chisel tip provides a versatile highlighting experience, allowing users to make both broad and fine lines. This makes it suitable for various highlighting styles, such as underlining, coloring, or creating emphasis in different text sizes.
  4. Assorted Colors: Magic Highlighters typically come in assorted colors, providing a range of options for color-coding, organization, or creating visually appealing notes. The variety of colors enhances the highlighting experience and adds a touch of creativity.
  5. Smooth and Consistent Ink Flow: These highlighters are designed for smooth and consistent ink flow. The ink glides onto the paper evenly, ensuring that the highlighted text is clear and vibrant without smudging or streaking.
  6. Versatile Usage: In addition to highlighting, the dual-tip design allows for versatile usage. Users can switch between the chisel tip and fine tip for underlining, writing notes, or adding details to their highlighted text.
  7. Suitable for Students and Professionals: Magic Highlighters are suitable for students who need to highlight important information in textbooks or notes. Professionals can also benefit from the erasable feature during meetings, presentations, or note-taking sessions.
  8. Innovative Correction: The erasable feature is an innovative aspect of these highlighters. If a mistake is made or if the user wants to change the highlighted portion, the eraser on the other end of the highlighter allows for quick and clean corrections.
  9. No Bleeding Through: The ink in these highlighters is designed to prevent bleeding through the paper, ensuring that the highlighted text is visible without affecting the readability of the content on the reverse side.
  10. Long-Lasting: Magic Highlighters are often long-lasting, providing an extended period of use before needing replacement. This durability makes them a reliable tool for both short-term and long-term highlighting needs.
  11. Environmentally Friendly: The erasable feature contributes to the environmental friendliness of these highlighters. Users can reduce paper waste by making corrections instead of discarding highlighted materials.
  12. Convenient for Study and Review: Whether for studying, reviewing documents, or creating organized notes, Magic Highlighters offer a convenient and efficient tool for highlighting, underlining, and annotating text.

In summary, Magic Highlighters with erasable ink and dual-tip design provide a practical and creative solution for highlighting and writing tasks. Their versatility, assorted colors, and innovative features make them a valuable tool for students, professionals, and anyone who values flexibility in note-taking and organization.

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