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Portable, Detachable Lighted LED Makeup Mirror With Touch Control For Vanity, Countertop, Tabletop


  • Shape : Oval
  • Color : Pink
  • Led Color : White
  • Powered By : USB Cable (Included)
  • 90* Rotatable (Adjustable)
  • Portable, Detachable, Easy to carry lighted Vanity Mirror
  • Material : ABS Plastic


Portable, Detachable Lighted LED Makeup Mirror is a convenient and versatile beauty accessory designed for vanity, countertop, and tabletop use. Here’s a description of this practical and stylish gift:

  1. Portable Design: The makeup mirror is designed to be portable, making it easy to carry and use wherever needed. Its compact size ensures that it can be taken on the go, whether for travel, work, or other occasions.
  2. Detachable Structure: The mirror often features a detachable structure, allowing users to disassemble and reassemble it for easy storage and transportation. This feature enhances its portability and makes it space-efficient when not in use.
  3. Lighted LED Technology: The mirror incorporates LED lights to provide efficient and adjustable illumination for makeup application. LED lighting mimics natural light, ensuring a clear and accurate reflection of the user’s face. The light can be adjusted to different brightness levels based on preferences.
  4. Touch Control: The makeup mirror is equipped with touch control functionality. This allows users to easily turn the LED lights on or off and adjust the brightness with a simple touch. Touch controls add a modern and user-friendly element to the mirror.
  5. Multiple Viewing Angles: The mirror often features a swivel or adjustable stand that allows users to set it at various angles for optimal viewing. This versatility ensures that users can achieve the perfect angle for applying makeup or grooming activities.
  6. Sturdy Base: The mirror typically comes with a stable and sturdy base, ensuring that it remains secure on vanity tables, countertops, or other flat surfaces. The stability of the base contributes to a safe and comfortable makeup application experience.
  7. Compact Vanity Solution: This makeup mirror is a compact solution for personal grooming and makeup application. It’s suitable for individuals with limited space or those who prefer a portable and efficient vanity setup.
  8. Battery-Powered or USB Charging: Depending on the model, the makeup mirror may be powered by batteries or through USB charging. This flexibility allows users to choose the power source that best fits their preferences and needs.
  9. Durable Construction: The makeup mirror is typically constructed from durable materials such as ABS plastic or metal. The sturdy construction ensures that the mirror withstands regular use and remains a reliable beauty accessory.
  10. Ideal for Travel: The combination of portability, detachable design, and LED lighting makes this mirror an ideal companion for travel. It allows users to maintain their beauty routine even when away from home.
  11. Modern Aesthetic: The design of the makeup mirror often features a modern and sleek aesthetic. Whether it’s a minimalist design or a more elaborate style, the mirror adds a touch of sophistication to any vanity or tabletop.
  12. Great Gift for Beauty Enthusiasts: The portable, detachable LED makeup mirror makes for an excellent gift for beauty enthusiasts, makeup artists, or anyone who values a well-lit and convenient mirror for their beauty routines.

In summary, the Portable, Detachable Lighted LED Makeup Mirror with Touch Control is a practical and stylish gift that combines functionality with modern design. Its portability, adjustable lighting, and detachable structure make it a versatile accessory for makeup application and personal grooming.

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