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Starbucks Coffee 3D Keychain


  • Material: Soft Rubber + Metal
  • Size: 4 X 21 cm
  • Flavors: Strawberry and Chocolate
  • Sold Individually


Starbucks Coffee 3D keychain, as product offerings and promotions can change frequently. However, I can provide you with a general idea of what a Starbucks Coffee 3D keychain might entail based on common merchandise themes and trends.

A Starbucks Coffee 3D keychain could be a miniature representation of the iconic Starbucks coffee cup or logo, rendered in three dimensions. It may feature intricate details to capture the essence of the Starbucks brand, such as the famous green and white color scheme, the mermaid logo, and possibly even the design elements found on Starbucks cups and packaging.

Here are some potential features or characteristics:

  1. Material: The keychain could be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, or rubber, depending on the design and desired durability.
  2. Size: Keychains typically come in various sizes, but a 3D Starbucks Coffee keychain would likely be small and portable, making it a convenient accessory for keys, bags, or even as a decorative item.
  3. Texture and Detailing: To enhance the 3D effect, the keychain may have textured surfaces to replicate the feel of a Starbucks cup. Intricate detailing might include the mermaid logo, coffee bean graphics, or other elements associated with the Starbucks brand.
  4. Attachment: The keychain may have a sturdy and secure attachment mechanism, such as a metal ring or clip, to ensure it can be easily attached to keys, bags, or other items.
  5. Packaging: Depending on how it’s sold, the keychain might come in special Starbucks-themed packaging, adding to its appeal as a gift or collectible item.

Remember, specific details may vary based on the actual product design and availability at the time of your inquiry. If you’re interested in obtaining one, I recommend checking Starbucks’ official website or contacting a local Starbucks store to inquire about their current merchandise offerings.

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